Download PyWright! – Download the PyWright engine itself, to both enable you to play PyWright fangames, or get your feet wet with your own.
Content – Download content (art, music, etc) to be included in your game

Also, there are some tools that can help make creation a little easier. There isn’t a lot here now, but eventually this section will grow.


This will convert GIF animations (which are often compressed in a way that causes artifacts on PyWright) into png strips, along with the properly formatted txt file, which PyWright will be able to load. It is in webapp form, so you don’t have to download anything. You will need to enter a url to your image, there is no uploading of files at this time.
gif2strip web application

Color picker

This small javascript application will let you choose a color and see the color tag to use in PyWright texts. Just use the color selector to pick the perfect color for your text, copy the tag that is generated, and paste the tag into your code!
PyWright color picker