0.9861 quick fix

Turnabout Substitution, one of the coolest fan cases to be made in PyWright, was exhibiting problems with the timer system in 0.986, so I put out a quick update. The lower framerate was causing the timer values to be floats, and wrightscript does not yet handle floats well. I set the framerate to be a constant in 0.9861, this is the only difference between 0.986 and 0.9861.

For 0.987 the variable framerate will be back, and I will come up with a better solution to handle the possible float values. Unless necessary, I don’t want wrightscript to really deal in floats. They can make some things simple, but also can be messy, especially when dealing with pixel values. It shouldn’t be hard to solve, but I want to make sure I solve it in a consistent way in every part of the code.

3 Responses to “0.9861 quick fix”

  1. blooperwooper says:

    Hello there! Fantastic engine you have – superb, actually! :D

    Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to find the patch you’re talking about in this update. Could you possibly direct me to it?

  2. saluk says:

    Hello, thanks for the comment! You should be able to find the update on the download service from PyWright itself. Start up PyWright, click on downloads, and then updates. The first item in the list should be highlighted, version 0.9861. You should also be able to find it via the web interface to the download service, linked on downloads above.

  3. mudpiex579 says:

    every time i start a case up it just exits and asks to update files, what should i do