Hiatus over, more development on the way

Where I’ve been

So I took November off to create an “important work of literary fiction”, as part of the National Novel Writing Month initiative. Ok, so it was a trash sci-fi novel. As if the world needs another one of them, right? It was a blast, and I did manage to meet my word count. Now that I am starting to recover from the insanity of trying to write 50,000 words of creative goodness in such a short amount of time, I am going to be getting back into PyWright stuff!

The engine itself

I continue to assert that the engine is “mostly done(tm)”. There are some definite shortcomings which I want to close before I stamp a big old 1.0 on it. The last release, 0.980, broke a lot of games because it started using an international Phoenix Wright font file, instead of the screenshot character set directly from the game. This was to enable users to choose their own font files, as well as support multiple languages. Well, the font file had different spaces encoded in it than the image file did, so it stretched out the text, and ruined carefully aligned work such as Turnabout Substitution. This is the biggest bug in 0.980. Other bugs include: valid resolutions not appearing on the list, and some dissapearing arrow problems. I need to squash these things down before I add anything new.

Some new things I am thinking about are better expressions, reconfigurable controls, better (faster) 3d, and some more builtin stuff to help aai type games be easier to make.

AAO Convert

I’ll be including an early version of the aao converter soon. It is still missing a lot of things, I’m sure, but working on it alone and trying to track down all the issues will take an infinite amount of time I think. Each time I work on it I make a large step of progress, but it’s a hard project to keep momentum with. Still, it’s really close now. The slowest part of the conversion process is downloading all of the audio and graphics, but fortunately it only has to do this step for new art and music.

Hopefully there will be some new stuff ready when/if the court-records.net forums ever come back online!

2 Responses to “Hiatus over, more development on the way”

  1. Tap says:

    It’s great to hear from you again about the project, saluk! Hope you enjoyed NanoWrimo! :)

    I’m looking forward to seeing what new features you’ll be adding. In about a month, I’ll be ready to ask you for help about the conversion for Case 2. Is that OK with you? I’m ignoring Case 1 and instead, focusing on Case 2 since it’s much better. I’m about 70% done with it on AAO. :)

    Hopefully court-records does come back! The back up forums aren’t really that good to advertise fangames!

  2. saluk says:

    Yes I agree, the back up forums have really not been encouraging to me to continue. No one is bugging me to fix problems!