What I’m working on 10-23-2010

Here’s what I’m working on:

4 Responses to “What I’m working on 10-23-2010”

  1. Matx says:

    Is possible adding the instance for the models of Autodesk 3dsMAx???? i WOrk whit it^_^

  2. Matx says:

    .3ds is the extension

  3. saluk says:

    It will use the .obj extension. You could load your 3ds into another program and export. Some more info:

    number of objects: 1 at a time
    object format: OBJ
    textures: 1 texture and 1 texture only (no color without texture, no more than 1 texture
    texture format: MTL (standard OBJ material file) + .jpg/.png/.bmp
    speed: pretty slow, but playable for viewing objects
    opengl: not used, it is software rendering. Should work anywhere.

  4. Matx says:

    a.. right you’re right. I forgot that i can convert my .3ds into .obj^_^ XD Sorry^_^
    and thanks for the information I will prpare some textures if you want I can send some of this^_^ tell me..^_^

    Bye & Thanks